Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Shot Only I Got

I had a moment of glee last night. It happened at, of all things, a red carpet event at Caesars Palace.

I have been vocal about my dislike of flash photography. Partially because I don't know how to do it, and partially because even when done well, I don't love how photos of this kind look.

But last night, I got a shot that was special to me for a number of reasons. First, I used a flash to get it. Second, I know, for a fact, that nobody else taking photos on the red carpet got a shot like this.

I think it's special because it's something I doubt I'd have aspired to capture even under great conditions, with natural light, or in a studio.

It's special because I actually took the advice of a mentor, photographer Laurence Kim, who suggested that sometimes you want to point your flash BACKWARDS, despite the funny looks you might get. (That's also one of the reasons I know nobody else got a shot like this...everyone else had their flashes facing the right way. Ark.)

Also, no one got this close (people tend to do full body shots at red carpets for some reason...maybe because the fashion is of interest to magazines...but I still want to get in close!). And absolutely no one waited around for this moment.

It resulted in an image that looks like I had a full day with singer Matt Goss, posing, etc. This was captured during the frenzy of a red carpet event...with myriad distractions and horrible ambient light and comings and goings and a throng of photographers vying for position. All that. And I got this. The shot only I got.

Thanks for letting me share a moment of pride! It's those little victories that make the journey or learning photography so enthralling.