Saturday, May 1, 2010

Gloria Estefan at Flamingo Las Vegas

My job is interesting sometimes. Lately, I've been shooting more celebrities. Being shoulder-to-shoulder with real photographers (who make their living at photography) is a world all its own. I like my world, thanks, but some of the photo ops make the scrambling and long periods of waiting (nothing involving celebrities EVER starts at the stated time) worthwhile.

Gloria Estefan and her husband got a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. (Like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.) Here, she speaks with a reporter outside Flamingo Las Vegas. She and her husband were so gracious with the media and their fans. I suspect that's a big part of why some entertainers have more longevity than others. Glad I waited around until the hordes moved on AND glad I was one of the few that didn't use a flash.

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Jonderson said...

No flash...good man! And nice shot as well. Patience always makes for better photos, and if you stand with the throng you get the same shots as the throng. Two reasons to keep doing it the way you are doing it. Keep it up!