Thursday, June 10, 2010

My First Billboard Since August 2, 2007

There was a time when funny billboards were my life. I created hundreds of them for my site, Today, I made a new one. It's the first one I've done since 2007.

I'm not entirely sure why I stopped doing billboards, or why I kind of lost interest in updating I guess it just ran its course after 10 years or so. Maybe the billboard well ran dry.

My site still gets a lot of traffic. And my billboard book, Twisted Billboards, still sells quite well.

Making a new billboard kind of reminded me of why I loved doing them so much. There's a challenge and discipline involved in coming up with a concept, and encapsulating a perspective (often a subversive or contrary or irreverent one) within the constraints of the medium of a billboard, which, by definition, can contain only a few words.

I love billboards because they're the perfect blank canvas. And, if they strike a chord, they can easily be shared with literally millions of people, as many of mine have (usually via e-mail).

Creating an image that is circulated that widely is a kind of fame (sometimes infamy), and a kind of immortality. Oh, and it's fun. I'll take it.

1 comment:

Wilmer Geraci said...

You made this on Photoshop? Cool! It looks quite convincing. Of course, BP wouldn't put up something like this for real, haha. Thanks for giving us a laugh.