Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best. Online. Purchase. Experience. Ever.

So, I ordered this lens not too long ago from Photojojo.

Oh, man, you totally fell for that! It's not a lens! It's a drinking cup. Looks awesome, though, doesn't it? Even better than I expected. Complete with a lid that looks like a lens cover. For a Canon shooter like me, I can't imagine a more fun tsotchke.

Having the product exceed my expectations isn't even the best part of the story, though! (And the fact that it cost half of what I would have paid isn't the best part, either.)

As I'm about to throw out the box the lens/cup came in, I see a little plastic dinosaur.

A few things ran through my mind. Maybe it had fallen in the box by accident. Maybe somebody packed it by mistake. Either way, it made me smile. It was so random, and a surprise.

Then, I looked at the receipt for my purchase.


In the hotel and casino and hospitality business, we talk a lot about wanting to "surprise and delight" our customers. Sounds nice, but how often do we really do it?

Well, Photojojo did it. And I'm not the most easily surprised or delighted person in the world, trust me.


-K- said...

Well done, Photojojo. Well done.

Brandon Muller said...

Rawwwwwr! Awesome!