Thursday, March 17, 2011

Carolyn Goodman May Be the Next Mayor of Las Vegas

While roaming on Fremont Street (in downtown Las Vegas) an evening or two ago, I had a chance encounter with mayoral candidate Carolyn Goodman. Her husband is Oscar Goodman, the legendary Vegas mayor whose final term is up soon due to term limits. Bummed about that.

Anyway, Carolyn Goodman was taping what appeared to be a campaign of some sort, and I jumped behind the camera, caught her eye and snagged exactly three exposures. I was happy with the result!

Hanging out around the taping really gave me a sense of Carolyn Goodman's demeanor and personality, and I have to say, she's as likable and funny as her husband. She also didn't freak out when she saw my camera. Pretty sure if I vote, she'll get mine.

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