Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fifty Years of Patience, Love, Patience and Patience

On November 23, 2011, my parents Coleen and Robert Roeben celebrated their 50th anniversary. Amazing.

My sister, Patty, spent weeks scanning photos of my folks during their 50 years of marriage. I strung them together for a video which my parents seemed to like.

Here's a look at the photo book my sister made. She found pics for 48 of my parents 50 years together.

Here's another book of family photos. Lots and lots of them. I'm the cute, stout one.

I'm so thankful for having the continuity of parents married 50 years. I've had the benefit of a lifetime of love and support and guidance and a safety net.

My parents have always known the secret of a lifelong marriage. It's simple to say, but I don't suspect it's as easy to live. All you have to do is put the other person first. Day after day and year after year. Til death do you part. That's all.

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