Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Turning Point in History

My mother recently gave me a remarkable letter I once sent to my parents, way back in 1988.

It's remarkable because it pretty much marks the moment when I got my first computer. The dot matrix "near letter quality" print is awesome, but my astonishment at the wonders of computer technology (spellcheck, text you can easily edit!) is sort of hilarious.

Check out this letter I wrote on my very first computer, 26 years ago, almost to the day.

Had I purchased a word processor as I'd intended, I think my life would have been very different.

What an incredible time to be alive, straddling a time before computers and a time when you can hold multi-terabyte portable hard drives in the palm of your hand.

Thanks for saving this letter, Mom! It's a moment in time that reflects the direction my life was to take, for better or worse.

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