Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Giant Cube

Had myself a paying photography job yesterday. Part of the job involved taking a photo of a giant cube of a building. Not bad. You know, for a building.

I think I'll stick to kids.


Chris Robinson said...

This is an excellent shot, Scott.

I think you and I share a love for saturated color. For me a good color photo is like walking into a candy store and seeing all the colors of the taffy, hard candy, lollipops, etc. I can't help but salivate a little.

Jonderson said...

Holy crap, that is gorgeous! What did you do with the cars? And more importantly, how did you score a paying gig?

I was looking at a local guy's site yesterday, and he does "corporate installations". That's fancy talk for "nice abstracts of the building for hanging in corporate HQ hallways". Great pay, and quite nice images, but it looked and sounded like the most boring shooting job you could imagine.

I'm not complaining, but I would think that a photo of a grizzly bear taken from 10 feet away would be monetarily worth more than a photo of ductwork simply due to the risk factor if nothing else.

Scott Roeben said...

Thanks! The client is someone I'm on the Kids to Kids Board of Directors with. Not sure how the portraits went over, but they seemed relatively happy with that shot. I am more convinced than ever that I'm not cut out to be this kind of photographer. For any number of reasons. Mostly, because it's not fun. Oh, and ditto on the bear thing.