Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Life Lesson #1

I think I'm going to post one life lesson, per day, for a year.

Here's the first.

Life Lesson #1: Don't take things personally.

Today, I was walking behind this woman at work, heading toward the restrooms. I nodded to her, and she to me, then she went into the women's restroom. She stopped for a moment, and held the door open, as if holding it for me.

I'm not sure why she did that, but I think it's important I not read too much into it. She probably just had a momentary lapse, maybe having other things on her mind, and was just being well-mannered, in her way. I'm pretty sure she didn't think I was a woman.

Either way, it's best not to take things personally. We never know what people have on their minds. That middle finger on the freeway. The seemingly rude comment from a stranger, or even a friend.

As I hear often, it's not always about us.


Chris Robinson said...

She recognized you from TV. Being a fan of TV's Quagmire, she invited you in the lady's rooms so she could Gagoogitty your geshmoygen.


Jonderson said...

Quagmire? Is that a new show on Fox?

Anyway, maybe Chris is right. Maybe she watches Love Connection reruns in her spare time or something.