Thursday, August 6, 2009


Say "hello" to Colleen. She's homeless. I met her on Fremont Street. Colleen is originally from Arkansas, and has a 13-year-old daughter who lives back east with her sister. Apparently, Colleen got involved with drugs, and has fallen on hard times. Colleen is a huge fan of Faye Dunaway. Colleen also loves to smoke cigars. Thanks for being a part of the $2 Portrait Project.


Jonderson said...

Say "hello" to Colleen. She's homeless.

If ever there were misplaced scare quotes, these are them. Try it this way:

Say hello to Colleen. "She" is homeless.

Conveys a great deal more of the story that way, not that the image alone doesn't tell volumes. I love that you included that 6-month-old cigar butt in frame, it sells the whole thing.

I am enjoying seeing these $2 portraits, btw. It is a great concept. Almost makes me wish I spent more time in a city. Almost.

-K- said...

And let's not even think about the irony of "Colleen" being the Anglo-Irish word for "girl."