Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Latest Effort: Best. Las Vegas. Blog. Ever.

I've been spending quite a bit of time and energy lately on my latest endeavor, doing a Las Vegas blog for Harrah's Entertainment.

It's been a blast. Originally, I was just supposed to do a few "sample" blog posts. Oh, hell-to-the-no! That is not how I roll!

I've been pondering doing a Las Vegas-focused blog for some time, and while this one has a slightly narrower focus than what I would have done as a Las Vegas blog (this has a focus on our Harrah's destinations for the most part), I have really enjoyed diving into this new challenge.

I think doing a blog taps into several of what I believe are my strengths, should I actually possess any. Of course, there's writing, which I enjoy. And I have kind of veered into a sassy, snarky (hopefully amusing) tone, which I think is critical to any blog about Las Vegas.

I have also taken it upon myself to take photos for the blog. I think the images liven up the blog quite a bit, and it's a definite chance to learn and add some things to my photographic toolbox.

Another benefit, one that's been supremely stimulating, is that I get to put on my editor's cap and generate story ideas. It's re-energized me, and has helped unleash some creativity in a job I'd gotten a bit comfortable in.

In the first month of its existence, I've managed to create more than 200 posts. Yep, I have kind of exceeded expectations in that regard.

I think I've found a happy medium between my pretty-much-unbridled type of content (think and content that is suitable coming from the largest gaming company in the world. I've been pleasantly surprised by how much freedom I've been given. I'm not confident about a lot of things, but in my ability to build a readership and/or community and/or following online, well, I got this.

I hope you'll check that blog from time to time, and please send me feedback or ideas you might have.

What could be more fun than doing a blog about a city I love? Well, other than doing this blog, about a PERSON I love. But you know what I mean.

Visit my Las Vegas blog at Harrah's. Yes, it's mine. Until I screw up and they want to fire me, then I have very little to do with it, thanks.

P.S. I feel obligated to mention that my always-insightful girlfriend has pointed out, quite correctly, that I just blogged about blogging in another blog. Yeah, and?

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