Monday, September 20, 2010

Kids Don't Generally, Y'Know, Look Like That

Sometimes, I wonder if people look at my photos and think, "It's easy to take a photo of that kid! The sparkle in the eyes, the flawless skin. Perfect." Well, yes, kids are perfect, blah, blah. But even good genes get a nudge with Photoshop, people.

Here's an "after."

And here's the before.

The perfect little angel got, well, she got perfecter. Wasn't my fault she dove into that cupcake! Photoshop just makes what's there, there-er. The perfect, perfect-er.

Then again, sometimes, you just show up.


The Rogers Clan said...

You did such a great job, as usual. Perfection.

Sorry Chase wouldn't smile for you, but that kid is so awesome to take pictures of. His eyes are amazing.

Taralee said...

SO STINKIN' CUTE! They are BOTH adorable. Great photoshop work :) But of course your skills deserve credit too.

Thanks for taking some cute pics of my kids ;)

Rhea and Cody said...

They do both look great. Thanks for taking the food off her face. I love the pic.!