Monday, December 20, 2010

My Vegas Love Affair Begins

As my grandmother's health has waned, my mom has been carefully sharing some of the items my Gram's been saving for whatever reason. Old newspaper clippings, family letters, my earliest copy of the New Testament (age 7, didn't stick).

My mom found a rather remarkable item amidst my grandmother's keepsakes. It was the postcard I mailed to my grandparents during my very first stay in Las Vegas!

I now know, officially, when my love affair with Las Vegas began: July 10, 1991. Holy camel coccyx, Batman. That's about 20 years ago if my math is right.

I made my first stop in Vegas as I drove from Albany, New York to Los Angeles to pursue my dream of being a screenwriter. That dream quickly ended (as I learned more about what that job actually entailed), but my dream of being in Vegas had been sparked.

I still love this town, and often think of the Stardust, the first place I stayed in this town. The love affair continues.

Thanks for the memories, Gram.

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Sarah Eve said...

Aww... that's really sweet!