Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holly, Holly, Holly

I finally got to meet Holly Madison today. We've bumped into each other at various events in the past--I've been behind a camera, and she's been, well, doing her Holly thing. But we've never really met-met.

Today, at a toy drive for Toys for Tots here in Vegas, I brought over a couple of toys to donate, and I took advantage of her offer for a photo in exchange.

It's weird. When I write the Pulse of Vegas blog, I play kind of this character that pretty much adores Holly. It's a marketing thing. But the blog is also me, and I tend to think highly of Holly Madison's ability to market herself, her confidence, her causes. So, when my blog character, and my real life self, meet Holly Madison, it should be this momentous day.

It was, however, just a pleasant encounter. She seemed friendly, but distracted. I'm not sure mere mortals can really understand what her life is like. The history there. The public scrutiny. It made me wonder what Holly Madison is actually like. Not the photo op one. Or the one on her reality show, "Holly's World." The actual person that seems to care about animals and children. And who likes attention, but who most times appears to skillfully avoid giving off a pretentious or arrogant vibe so many celebrities do. (I've been around a lot of them.)

So, now I have a photo with Holly Madison. I guess I can check that off my bucket list.

I should probably put "Making a Bucket List" on my bucket list, too.


Jonderson said...

Once again, I have to admit to not having the faintest clue who someone you are talking about is. I've never heard of her. What is she famous for?

Cue the "All Jonderson's friends are squirrels" jokes.

Scott Roeben said...

Jon, seriously?! She was a former member of the "Girls Next Door" cast, former Playboy model, currently star of "Holly's World," and "Peepshow" on the Vegas Strip at Planet Hollywood. If you'd read our corporate blog every day, you'd be on top of all this! Ark.

-K- said...

Nope, never heard of her either but she does look like someone your fictional self would obsess over.

Jonderson said...

A model? Seriously? I see she has the body for it, but she really doesn't look all that facially attractive to me.

Never seen "Girls Next Door", haven't seen a Playboy since college, obviously never heard of "Holly's World", and have never set foot in Vegas. I have read the blog a few times though, so I have that going for me. And the squirrels, of course. :P

-K-: Thanks for taking some of the heat off me. I don't feel quite so much like a hermit anymore.

Now if you will both excuse me I have to get back to storing nuts away for the winter (which is already here, btw). :)

The Rogers Clan said...

I'm sorry your followers have no clue who she is. That's just pretty much sad.

So excited you finally got to meet her!! I bet you were excited too. Sure seemed like it. I enjoyed the way you wrote this too. I often wonder the same things. What is really the "real" them.

Good job! Congrats!