Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day Without a Gay (Translation: Can of Worms)

We're dealing with a can of worms here.

I get it. Gays should miss work and participate in this "Day Without a Gay," to bring attention to their plight. I guess the plight involves having too much disposable income and impeccable taste.

Anyway, here's the tricky part. What if you just happen to call in sick that day? Wouldn't a weird kind of dilemma present itself? You'd come back to work the next day, and assuming you're not gay, even though there's nothing wrong with that, and wouldn't you feel compelled to say to everyone at work, "Uh, yeah, yesterday. Really under the weather. Took the day off to recover. That's it. Just sick. Sick day. Yep, out sick yesterday."

And, of course, the gay people in your office would be really ticked off, because you're kind of implying that you don't want people to think you're gay even though there's definitely nothing wrong with that.

"Day Without a Gay"? Interesting strategy. From the looks of things, lots of people are already participating in the "Day Without a Smart Person" campaign. That one appears to be ongoing.

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Kit said...

That photo looks like those two guys are returning from the semi-finals of the Clockwork Orange look-alike contest.

So, how's your cold, Scott? Any better? (cough, cough) Try some Vicks. And hurry back to work; we miss you.