Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mime, a Zoo and Bird Poop

This is somewhat remarkable.

A friend from high school wrote the other day to say that they'd performed mime with me, in a zoo, in 1979. This is remarkable because I truly can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday much less what I did close to 30 years ago. (Let's not even get into the subject of how, on God's green Earth, high school somehow took place 30 years ago.)

I wrote to another high school friend and asked if she remembered what this other friend was talking about, and she wrote, "You frequently went to the zoo to do mime. You were the geek of geeks. This one particular day you convinced some other people to join you. A bird pooped on someone when we were frozen. I don't remember who."

First, yeah, mime has kind of fallen out of fashion. I get that. But at the time, it was cool. Trust me on this one. Shields and Yarnell rocked.

Second, I did mime at a zoo?

Third, how on EARTH does one remember such intricate details of a day that (allegedly) happened nearly 30 years ago? I'm speechless. (Unrelated to the mime thing.)

What's your earliest detailed memory?


Brandon Muller said...

The earliest detailed memory I have is of reading this post of yours the first time you posted it like a year or so ago.

Jonderson said...

I remember tooling through the kindergarten classroom and down two steps into the carpeted "naptime" area on a scooter. A huge sign of things to come, in retrospect. Memory is a funny thing, as I remember that the kid who was closest to where I landed was named Tommy and I can clearly picture his face to this day.