Monday, December 1, 2008

I Dislike Failing


I had this great idea for a photo. It would involve strapping a camera to my stomach, and flinging a kid around, and capturing the action by having someone snap the shutter remotely.

Tried, oh, 200 exposures. But I just couldn't get it. I don't know if my arms are too short, or if the kid was too heavy (kept him from flying out kind of horizontal, away from the camera). Maybe I need a wider angle lens to get this one.

I hate failing.

Then again, sometimes failures turn out OK, I guess.

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Jonderson said...


Strap the camera closer to your head, like on your chest or your neck. It will line up with your line of sight better.

Use a remote shutter release cable, putting the trigger end in your mouth and operating it yourself via teeth and tongue. Not only will this enable you to time the shot better, it will make the kid laugh his ass off while he gets his picture taken. Buy one, don't rent never know where it has been.

Use a smaller kid, or go to the gym intensively for 9 months first. Horizontal(ish) is hard to maintain with kids over the age of 6 or 7 unless you are fairly strong. If you are fairly strong, the easiest way to do this shot is to simply duct tape the kids hands around your neck. This will leave both your hands free to shoot with while you spin around.

Wide angle lens definitely would help.