Sunday, March 1, 2009

Operation Love Reunited

Today was my first session as a photographer for Operation Love Reunited, and it was a blast!

This program hooks up photographers and military families to do portraits before, during and after deployments. Photographers agree to provide their services for free, including ordering a shipping an album of images overseas to the soldier.

I started off my participation in the program with a bang! Two-for-one. I did portraits of a family of four (one of whom was a pup), photos to come, as well as a mother and son (that's him, above). The father's already overseas in the case of the mom and son.

It's an honor to be a part of a program that tries to help military deployments a little easier (as if anything can). My father's deployments were tough on our family when I was a kid, so I can kind of empathize with these folks. They all seem so appreciative. It's just such a tiny drop in the bucket compared to the sacrifices they're making. And, of course, some make the ultimate sacrifice. Just so we can hang out and watch movies on DVD and play Scrabble and have blogs.

Saying it's an honor doesn't quite do it justice, actually.


Brandon Muller said...


Photography has really opened up new avenues for your generosity.

Scott Roeben said...

Thanks for the feedback. The military family thing kind of hits close to home, so that was a no-brainer to get involved with. I think I'll have to save awhile to do my Bangladeshi cow project. It's a good one.

Jonderson said...

You just keep getting cooler every week. On my way over to the OpLoRe site now....

Jonderson said... is a stupid flash-based site. Why do they do that? I'd love to do this, but on dialup I can't even load up their "watch these pics while you wait for our flash to load" slideshow.

Flash sucks. Not as bad as war, but it still sucks.

OK, I found links to html pages buried in the blog section...sheesh.

Scott Roeben said...

I hate flash, too! It's my biggest pet peeve in Web design. Splash pages are the worst, but there's really never a reason to do pages in Flash, that I can see. Pretty much standard issue for photography sites. Blech.

Chris Robinson said...

I just hope this kid will be let out of jail soon so he can go out and play.