Friday, March 27, 2009

Joy Prom

I'm so excited to be a part of Joy Prom here in Las Vegas. The community is really coming together to create a special night for these special needs children.


The guests of honor are treated like royalty! This kind of sums up the evening:

"Guests will receive star-quality treatment, including a chance to get their shoes shined or makeup done, receive a boutonniere or corsage, walk the red carpet, have a prom portrait taken, eat a fabulous dinner, and dance the night away with friends. It will be an amazing night to celebrate life with our friends with special needs."

If you live in Vegas (and why in the hell wouldn't you?), there are still opportunities to help!

I'll be coordinating the "paparazzi" component of the evening. There are already 18 photographers signed up to participate, and we're going to make sure these kids feel like the superstars they are! Autograph-seekers welcome!

It was so nice of the organizers to add a link to my site on their Community Partners page. What a great group of very caring people.

Yay, Joy Prom Las Vegas!

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