Monday, March 30, 2009

Today's Random Zombie-Related List By Scott Roeben

Classic novels, now injected with some zombie awesomeness:

  • The Adventures and Femur of Huckleberry Finn
  • Crime and Disembowlment
  • To Kill and Wolf Down a Mockingbird
  • Swiss Family Brains
  • The Old Man and the Sea Salt to Taste
  • The Catcher on Rye
  • All Slurpy on the Western Front
  • Lord of the Flies and Maggots
  • Gulliver's Eyeball
  • Catch (and Devour) 22
  • The Complete, Edible Sherlock Holmes
  • Oliver Twist and Contort and Flail
  • The Guts of Wrath
  • The Blood-Soaked Badge of Courage
  • Slaughterhouse (That's It, No "Five," Just Slaughterhouse)
  • The Sound of Screaming and the Fury
  • Uncle Tom's Gaping Neck Wound
  • Lady Chatterly's Entrails
  • As I Lay Dying ('Nuff said.)

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The Jen said...

Inspiration comes from all over, doesn't it? Very funny.