Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Last Straw

Well, that did it. I tried to watch a Woody Allen movie tonight, "Cassandra's Dream."

It was simply terrible. Frankly, they all are these days. Have been for years.

I think I continued to hold out hope for a last blow-out. But it's obvious to me now that the Woody Allen I knew and loved is gone. The work hasn't gotten more mature or refined or subtle. It's just gotten boring.

Even the movies that get decent reviews are bad. There are others who have managed to hold out hope even longer than I.

All of the good will is gone. Burned up and wasted.

It was probably unrealistic to think someone could have enough brilliance to last an entire lifetime. Even Michael Jackson ran out of brilliance eventually, and he didn't even get to live an entire lifetime.

I'm OK with being out of wishful thinking. I have enough in other areas of life. I still hope for peace between Israel and just about everyone. I still have hope that a government can spend within its means.

But Woody, we're done. We had a great run.

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