Monday, June 8, 2009

The New Lens

Today, I got to give my new lens (the Canon 50mm f/1.2 blah blah blah) a test drive at a friend's family gathering.

I love having a new toy! It'll take some time to try and wrassle this puppy to the ground. The same aspect of this lens that makes it so appealing, the large aperture, that makes the lens "fast," is also what makes it a bit tough to master. There's very little margin for error when your depth of field is so small.

For example, with this lens, you can literally have someone's nose tip out of focus, their eyes in focus, and their ears out of focus. It's a great look, but even today I found a ton of my images were out of focus. And, no, I wasn't drinking. Well, you know, not enough for that to have happened.

Anyhoo, I'm liking the potential here. Which is good, because this lens costs more than the average aircraft carrier.


Jonderson said... will get used to it. Best feature of this lens is that even the crappiest lighting will not stop you from taking a good photo.

1. If you are doing posed portraits, which this lens is perfect for, use a tiny measuring tape to physically check your focal zone, and focus manually. Seriously. AF is great for fatter zones, but the human eye is still better than electronics for the really fine adjustments.
2. Practice without a measuring tape on bunches of flowers or a fruit/veggie display. A couple weeks of that and you will be able to eyeball the difference between 6 and 8 inches easier than Paris Hilton.

Love my 1.4 50mm!

Brandon Muller said...

What? You can change lenses?

All this time I thought you were a talented photographer! Come to find out, you just have fancy lenses.

There are no more heroes.

-K- said...

Scott - do you sometimes get the idea that Jon is smarter than you and me put together?

Neither do I but I'm beginning to worry that other people do.

Scott Roeben said...

I'm endlessly fascinated and entertained by how much Jon knows. He's also not especially invested in being the smartest person in the world. He just kind of is.