Monday, September 14, 2009

Just Another Kid's Portrait

But I like it.

On a related note, I dodged a bullet last night at the Spread the Word Nevada: Kids to Kids gala.

I often talk about how I'm involved with this children's literacy group. I do their Web site and some PR and photography.

During their yearly fundraising gala, they have a live auction with high-profile items up for grabs, things like lunch with the mayor or trips or other packages. They asked me this year if I'd be interested in having a portrait package in the mix. I said "no," of course, but they soon talked me into it. Four one-hour portrait sessions during the next year, and a two hour workshop for the winner and their friends about children's photography. Presumptuous, I know, but hey, I figured it might appeal to someone!

The gala coordinators asked if I would be willing to do two packages if the bidding got high enough. I thought I'd be funny and say, "Hey, if someone goes to $1,500, I'd do another one!" Of course I never thought that would happen, so it was no real sacrifice.

I was sweating bullets leading up to the gala. I truly wondered if anyone would bid anything. Horrifying! They had a few 8x10s on display, and during the auction there were a few more portraits shown on a big screen, but that was pretty much it.

As my auction package came up, I was close to collapsing with apprehension...until the bidding started. It took about a minute for the bidding to pass $2,000! And as it went to $2,300 I think I lost consciousness. It was for me. Taking pictures of kids. The auctioneer pushed it up a bit more and said, "If you go to $2,500, the photographer will do another package for the same price. Any takers?"

Another hand went up. Two packages sold at $2,500 each. Dollars. Real money. All of it going to an amazing charity.

I was obviously thrilled beyond belief. It was a great reminder of the appeal of photography. And the power of photography to do good in the world. That's 5,000 books that will now go to kids who need them. And I get to do what I love!

It was an amazing evening, and thanks for letting me share.


-K- said...

That's really a great story - and not a small outlay of your time.

(Your photos appear sometimes but sometimes not. Maybe its firefox..I'll take a look at it when I get to work, where they always appear.)the

Brandon Muller said...

Very nice!

I also use Firefox, but I haven't come across any photo problems on this blog.

Jonderson said...

Holy crap, that is fan-freaking-tastic! What a great feeling! I am absolutely thrilled for you.

I also am using FF, and don't have a problem seeing the pics here. I am using an older (3.0.13) version though.