Friday, September 11, 2009

Weird Random Encounter

Today, a few friends from work and I, or me (Kit?), had a random Flavor Flav sighting. For those of you who have been hiding out in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Flavor Fav was in the rap group Public Enemy. Their biggest song was something about fighting the powers that be. I'm pretty sure.

In recent years, Flavor has been featured in innumerable reality TV shows. And now, he is featured in this amazing, exclusive photo.

Very nice guy from what I could tell! Very patient with photo-seekers.

I wrote about the encounter in the fantastic new Las Vegas blog I'm writing for Harrah's and its Las Vegas casino destinations. I totally just added those links so we'd stay at the top of the search results in Google for "Las Vegas blog."

Check it out! That way, your clicks will be seen in our stat reports, and the powers that be will realize that I know what the flip I'm doing and they'll just let me do what I do and all will be right with the traffic and the views and the buzz and the booking and the spas and the dining and the blog will be the best Las Vegas blog in the history of blogging.


-K- said...

Imagine having to wear that damn clock around your neck for the past 20 years.

Chris Robinson said...

The only reason I met him was because he was interested in developing a Flav shot machine. He came to my old work to see our previous celebrity designs. He is very nice. He said "wow" a lot. But he says it like "waaaaaaaaoow!"

Did you get a good look at them teeth?

Jonderson said...

I am just laughing myself sick at this photo. I don't know if it is the look on your face, or the simple fact that this is the last person on Earth I would have guessed that I would ever see you in a picture with.

Eboneee and Ivoreeeeee....

Kit said...

Um, apparently you didn't realize that the last thing I would be doing on the night before the gala was to look at your blog. But you got the grammar right on your first try. Mrs. Schemelfuffer from eighth grade would be so proud.
I trust that you pointed out to Mr. Flav that his hat was on crooked.