Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ten Composition Elements for Photographers

I and some friends recently took a photography workshop from Michael Andrew, a most splendid human being and awesomeful guru. He has 10 compositions he likes to have at his disposal when he's shooting portraits. They're great, and tend to spark one's imagination when doing photography, so here they are. I think these very much apply to Michael's specialty, wedding photography, but could apply to any number of situations.

1. Single (simple portrait).
2. Paintballer Pro (Lightroom presents Michael created...in essence, that "style" of shot).
3. Motion.
4. Framing shot (something in the background frames the subject).
5. Faceless.
6. Yin and yang. (Contrasts...tall/short, high/low, big/small.)
7. Sense of depth.
8. Shapes.
9. Flash.
10. Silhouette.

These can be used individually, or in combinations, and pretty much all are great to ensure variety in one's work.

Thanks, Michael!

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