Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Suncoast

The Suncoast is a "locals" hotel-casino here in Vegas (Summerlin, specifically). It has a different vibe than Strip casinos. More serious gamblers come to the Suncoast, as opposed to recreational gamblers. You sometimes get the sense paychecks are on the line.

The Suncoast also appeals to a more, uh, mature crowd. Oxygen tanks often line the aisles of slot machines.

I like the Suncoast because it's close, and because the table minimums are usually reasonable.

Solid buffet, too. Although pretty much every buffet pales when compared to the buffet at the M Resort, another off-Strip offering.

I think my girlfriend is correct in that I'd probably be happy hanging out in a casino every night of the week. Not necessarily to gamble, but I just like the activity, the lights, the sounds, the energy of casinos. All the things people who know me would say I'd hate. Oh, and the smoking. I don't like it, but it doesn't bother me much in casinos. It just comes with the territory.

I like that people seem to be having fun in casinos. (Not necessarily the locals places, but the other ones.) You're always a quick ride away from a party in Vegas. The party's there whenever you're ready to attend. The hooch flows freely, and often, lots of other freebies do as well.

You never know who you're going to meet, but you can bet they'll be interesting. People from all walks of life come to casinos. So many stories. So many quirks. So many characters.

I do love this town.

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