Sunday, November 28, 2010

On the Fly

Today, I met some friends for breakfast near McCarran Airport here in Vegas. I went out into the parking lot of this restaurant, and planes were flying by so close, it felt like you could reach out and touch them.

In lieu of that, I took some photos. I thought this one turned out pretty well.


Chris Robinson said...

You were at Eggworks, right?

Scott Roeben said...

Holy crap! How'd you know that, Chris?!

Chris Robinson said...

The plane has full flaps engaged and landing gear down. This indicates it is ready to land. The partial visibility of the top of the fuselage tells me you are very close to it and it is close to the runway. The direction of the plane gives away which direction you are facing as it lands. There are three approach paths coming into McCarran. That narrows your position down to three places:

A. Tropicana, between Koval and Paradise, facing west towards the MGM.
B. Sunset and Eastern, facing north towards Russell.
C. Sunset and Las Vegas Blvd. facing south/southeast towards 215

There are no restaurants near A and C that are walking distance to your proximity to the landing strip.
Eggworks is right under the flight path and just across Eastern from the runway. Its a perfect place to meet for breakfast since they have a great breakfasty menu. Of all three spots listed above that are near the landing path, Eggworks is the closest one to Harrah's corporate office.

Scott Roeben said...

I repeat: Holy crap!