Wednesday, September 3, 2008


No, it's not me that's engaged. Did your heart stop there for a second? Hork.

Actually, I was talking about a couple of friends, Christina and Eric. I was flattered to be asked to take some engagement photos for them. So, yesterday, we headed to Lake Las Vegas.

Blog VIP Chris and I have been meaning to get out there to take photos for some time, but this visit wasn't for pleasure. This was work. Hard work.

Doing photography is completely exhausting. At least for me. It's non-stop stress, especially when there's pressure to please a "client."

Anyway, thought I'd share a couple of images. Hey, it's easier than forming and articulating an opinion about something, right?

There's no bad location at Lake Las Vegas. From the water to the vegetation to the gorgeous architecture, there's a great new backdrop around every corner.

Aren't these two cute? Very romantic, too.

If only I were talented enough to really capture the beauty of the place. Sigh. Well, what I lack in photographic talent, I try to make up for with...oh, I dunno. A dopey animation?

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