Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today's Thing I'm Doing Obsessively

Gawd, I hope I spelled "obsessively" correctly. Anyway, here's the thing I'm doing. It's a technique in Photoshop. I do not know its name. But it has to do with simulating (sometimes called faking) what's known at a tilt-shift. You can get accessories that create tilt-shifts the old-school way, but I have no time for that. Here's my version.

Yeah, see. With this selective blurring technique, some things appear miniaturized! I like that. Even when things don't seem to be miniaturized, they still look pretty cool if you ask me. And you must have, or I would not have done this post.

Here's a covered bridge from Vermont that I don't think I ever posted because I thought it was kind of blah. It seems less so now.

Here's another shot that kind of seemed more interesting using this technique. If you don't agree, poop on you.

Here's another variation. Vertical, suckas! I don't know if this is any good, but Kevin said "wow" when he saw it. He either meant, "Wow, that's great!" or he meant, "Wow, it looks like a seagull flew over some pixels and left it's droppings!" Either way, you get to see it.

I'm quite sure I'll get beyond using this technique any day now. Quite sure.


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Should I just not say anything about the i-t-apostrophe-s?

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