Monday, September 8, 2008


Caught this shot of a young lynx at Bonnie Springs. In the petting zoo. No actual petting of the lynx are allowed.

The cool thing about lynx, which I can only assume is the plural of lynx, is that they have "webbed" feet. I hear that's because it helps them walk on snow.

Note to photographers: This shot was actually not possible, without shooting through a fence, until my girlfriend caught the eye of the animal keeper. While he was chatting her up, he noticed me, and to impress her, he left the gate open, and bam. Unobstructed shot.

I swear the guy was 10 seconds away from letting me in to shoot the wolves. Into the actual pen. But I guess he likes having a job. Next time, the girlfriend shows more cleavage.

Hey, you either support a person's hobby, or you don't, right?

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