Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Two of My Talented Friends

I'm really lucky to know so many talented people. Today, I'm mention two.

First, Kevin, who I've mentioned before, whose great photography blog just continues to stun and inspire, has launched his photography Web site. Impressive! Check it out. Leave a note. Let him know how talented he is.

Second, I'd like to trumpet the latest work of another friend, Kurt. He's mentioned second because he never comments on my blog. Loser. Anyway, my loser friend Kurt is an editor, writer, director. All that lame stuff. His latest film in theaters (after having struck out with his other recent editing stints, "Bowling for Columbine" and "Fahrenheit 911") is "America the Beautiful." Kurt's the editor and co-producer, and it's a great documentary.

"America the Beautiful" is a funny, sad, alarming documentary about America and our obsession with a certain kind of physical beauty (one that often doesn't actually exist...thanks, Photoshop!). It really was a wake-up call for me, because I kind of dabble in altering reality myself with Photoshop. Billboards, anyone? Portraits, anyone? Sigh.

This movie is thought-provoking, and highly recommended...and would be whether I knew the editor or not. I guess it's in limited release in four cities. If you're a Vegas resident, see it at the Regal Village Square.

One of the most surprising facts about beauty in America? That often designers hire rail-thin models because the material they use in their runway designs is so expensive, having a thinner model saves them money for the cloth. No kidding.

The most profound moment in the movie, for me, was when a playwright was talking about going to Africa, where she talked to a woman who had a very different view of her body than many American women do. She loved her own body. She said, "You see that tree? You think that tree is beautiful? How about that tree? Beautiful, right? Do you find that tree less appealing because it does not look like the other tree? Our bodies are like trees."

When you watch this movie, it is impossible to not become acutely aware of how we judge everything, everyone, by some arbitrary measurement of beauty. One that is far from universal. And one that causes young girls (and probably many boys) to feel ugly and fat and worthless.

Great movie.

Everyone should have such talented friends. Then again, if you know me, you already do.

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The Jen said...

I will go see it. Thanks for the recommendation.