Sunday, May 10, 2009

Joy Prom Officially Rocked

I was so lucky and honored to be asked to help coordinate the red carpet for Las Vegas' very first Joy Prom. Read more here.

This event treats those with special needs to a spectacular night out, including getting their hair and makeup done (shoe shines for the guys), flowers, dinner, dancing...and a chance to make a grand entrance on the red carpet (complete with "paparazzi," the portion of the evening I organized).

Here are a ton of photos from the big event. What an amazing, unforgettable night!

(You know better than to think I intentionally captured "the wave" in motion like that. Just dumb luck, as usual!)

There were just so many, many stories from the night. It was a blast to see these special needs guests bursting at the seams with, well, JOY!

It was so heartwarming to see people having their moment in the limelight on the red carpet, then seeing them come around and do it again. And again. They just ate it up, the flashes going off, the screaming and applause and people screaming their name. The ultimate superstar experience.

My girlfriend, Anne-Marie, actually told me a story I'm likely to tell again and again. She was asking for guests for their autographs on the red carpet, and at one point, one of the women guests came by and Anne-Marie asked for an autograph and held out a pen and pad of paper.

The guest took the pad of paper, looked at the pen, but didn't take it, and started rummaging around in her purse. She took out some lip gloss and exchanged it for the pen. After signing her name, she graciously returned the pen, and got her lip gloss back, and went on her way down the red carpet! Every time I think about that interaction, the sweetness and purity and goodness of heart involved ("I can't take something without giving something back in return!"), it brings tears to my eyes. And I'm as tough as a lumberjack. As you probably know.

The whole night was filled with people and smiles and humor and tears and generosity of spirit I'll never forget.


Jonderson said...

And you say you don't understand God. ;)

Anonymous said...
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Jonderson said...

That is not really what I meant at all.

Scott Roeben said...


The Jen said...

Aw, why'd you delete the drama?

Nice job on the pix, as usual.

Scott Roeben said...
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Scott Roeben said...

Great question, Jen! I guess if someone posted a quote from another work of fiction, I'd let it stand. But in this little world, I'm the emperor, and the posting of such material is something up with which the emperor will not put. (And thank you for the compliment about the photo!)

Brandon Muller said...

300 fantastic pictures! And you didn't even post the best ones!