Wednesday, July 2, 2008

WTF is That?

Today, we begin a new feature! And by "we," of course, we pretty much mean "me," and by feature, of course, we mean, "Yeah, we'll all pretty much lose interest over the next 38 hours, so enjoy it while it lasts."

So, I just got a new set of extension tubes for my camera. This gives me superhuman vision, and the resulting macro photos get so close to things, it's actually hard to tell what they are. Let's make it a guessing game, shall we? I post three images, and the first person to correctly identify the objects in the comments section gets, well, yeah, let's just say a prize to be determined! Wow, ya gotta love wiggle room.

Here we go!


Brandon Muller said...

This is too easy.

1. The "snooze button" of a Sony AM/FM clock radio circa 1996.

2. The 12th leg of a millipede.

3. Spark plug from a 1985 125 cc Yamaha YZ motorcycle.

Seriously, Scott. Make me work for it next time.

Jonderson said...

Yeah, pretty easy.

(Non-humorous answers: toothbrush, mouse plug, hairbrush)

Nice tubes though. If you ever get tired of them you could use them to build your own internet.

-K- said...

What these three things are is evidence that you're engaging in some form of witchcraft. Drop these satanic tools, Scott, and step back into the light.