Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Little Robot That Did

Gotta see "Wall-E." (I know. You sticklers would like to remind me that the official name of the movie includes an interpunct, like this, "WALL•E." Tough. You know what I mean, even when I use a dash.)

Every single frame of this movie is a wonder to behold. Whether you're a Pixar fan or not (there are people who aren't?), you'll watch in awe because this movie is one of the most entertaining of the year. There are so many layers happening at once. The visuals are overwhelming. Stunning!

It's like they wrote the movie, then re-wrote it 100 times, with each pass adding additional quirks and flourishes that make every second of the film more eye-popping and engaging.

It's fun and charming and clever and just plain great from beginning to end. So, get your interpunct arse to this movie so Pixar can make more.

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