Friday, August 8, 2008


Why is it that even with the advent of the Internet, and thousands of blogs, and a million people communicating in ways we never imagined, and having a reach we never imagined, that there appear to be just about the same number of good, new ideas that there always were?


Chris Robinson said...

It's like YouTube videos. Youtube has helped many talented people, Like Brandon, distribute quality entertainment to the world. However, for every Brandon on the web there are millions of idiots uploaded non-sense. The internet has allowed the public to flood the world with ideas, whoever it increased the crap to quality ratio of those ideas.

Without the easy distribution potential of the internet, most dumb ideas were usually left unexpressed. Now, any dork with a computer can share them with the planet.

I can proudly say that I am one of those dorks.


Brandon Muller said...

I think Joel McHale put it best--any art form contains 90% crap and 10% that has never been better. The crap keeps getting crappier and the good stuff keeps getting better.

I agree with him, except I must be in the 90% of crap since there's no way my stuff can fit into the "never been better" category.

Scott Roeben said...

I, for one, have never seen a better Linkin Park parody than Brandon's. So, in this case, it's 99.9% crap and whatever's left over that's Brandon's.

Jonderson said...

Entropy. It is just a basic law of science, hard at work.

Funny thing about that, one of the things you'll never get in a science class is the discussion about rectifying the concepts of evolution and entropy. Essentially, the only way they are not contradictory is if evolution is actually de-evolution, or regression. It is why you never hear any scientist ask what it is we are evolving towards.

It is a depressing thought to consider, that our "evolution" is actually a "falling apart", but the evidence is right there on your screen.