Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Happy Place

This is one of my happiest places.

I've lived in Vegas for several years now, but I never seem to get over the fun of craps. Yes, it's fun, win or lose.

Casinos tend to have a problem with photography inside their properties. I tried to be slick at this table, at the Four Queens on Fremont Street, but the dealers pretty much crawled up my hello when they heard the shutter going. They were very aggressive about making me stop shooting, and insisted I delete the images. Yeah, that's gonna happen.

I hate, hate, hate being told what to do. Ever.

So, I fake deleted the images and just kept playing.

From the discussion that followed, it appears the casinos don't care all that much about photography for security reasons. They seem to care because they want to protect the privacy of their other customers. What a bunch of hooey.

You almost never see photos of craps tables in an actual casino. So, enjoy it. That's a lot of red.

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Joe said...

I actually make it a pont to ask what i can shoot inside the casinos, and theyve all told me, Im free to take pictures EXCEPT of the gaming tables and other patrons.

Another reason I go ask is to let them know I am in the casino and theyre aware of my intentions.

Heh, I had someone tail me into the bathroom at the Palms because of the camera. :)