Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Change We Can Believe In

Here's the change I believe in. It's time to change the practice of saying there's a separation of church and state, then kicking off a Presidential inauguration with an Invocation that includes the Lord's Prayer. All of it.

Here's another change I believe in. I believe that someday, soon, people will stop believing that everything happens because it's part of "God's plan." Because if that's the case, we really need to think about finding a God with a much, much better plan. Because sometimes, this one truly sucks.

In fact, when people die in a church roof collapse, couldn't that be interpreted as a clear sign from God that people might be barking up the wrong flipping tree when it comes to religion? If not, then what, in the name of God, is it a sign of?

I'm just saying.

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