Friday, January 30, 2009

Rates Starting at WHAT?!

Let me get this straight. It's a "seductive" and "sexy" offer. And rates start at what again?


Jonderson said...

This is a joke, right? Never mind the price (69, yes that is very clever...if you are in 5th grade). But what the hell kind of a romantic getaway includes Carrot Top?! It really makes my teeth set on edge wondering what I am going to find when I open the "romance kit". Probably Dentu-creme, a stick of Juicyfruit, and an April 22, 1981 copy of the NY Times.


-K- said...

My reaction is almost exactly as Jon's.

(Except I was thinking of a May 17, 1979 copy of the Topeka Sun-Times.)

Scott Roeben said...

HEY! The $69 joke transcends age or grade. As do jokes about Carrot Top.

Jonderson said...

Yeah, ok...maybe. But I'm still not trusting the "romance kit".

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