Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yikes, Bigtime

Yikes. If people are being sued for creating funny photos, I expect to spend the next 30 years of my life on the lam.

Yes, Chris, I said "lam." Not "lamb." Just leave well enough alone this time.


Jonderson said...

OK, this one is in poor taste, but still...satire/parody is protected free speech, and it is still an (implied) copyrighted image.

Personally, I think Branson knows exactly what he is doing. He picks a site that he knows can't afford a lawyer, threatens them, which in turn causes the picture to get wildly spread around the internet, thereby giving Virgin a ton of free publicity using an ad that would have gotten them a lot of bad publicity if they had run it themselves. I don't think he has any intention of actually taking this to court, because I think he knows he would lose. Hell, he is smart enough to have actually created the pic in the first place, and fired up a bunch of websites exactly for this purpose. Why do you think it is that you were never contacted by them regarding your Virgin/Slut pic? I've seen that all over the place.

This is really not an issue at all, just a man promoting his company in a very clever manner. You have nothing to worry about.

Chris Robinson said...

Are you making fun of me because I can't spell? I was on the lamb once, but I was drunk at a petting zoo and she was a baaaaaaaaad girl.

Scott Roeben said...

I'm not sure it's in poor taste if nobody was seriously hurt! And I have no idea why I get cease and desists for some (Krispie Kreme) and not for others, many of which are much worse.