Sunday, January 11, 2009

Today's OPK Shots

It was a big weekend for randomly wandering around Aliante Park here in Vegas, brazenly walking up to strangers and asking if I could shoot their kids. (This process is SO much easier with women along. Kind of mitigates the "creepy middle aged guy with a camera taking pictures of kids" factor.)

This young lady is the friend of a friend. I got exactly four shots of her before they had to go. Let's just say I mentioned I'd do a free shoot for she and her family anytime.

This is Riley. Taking a photo of Riley was akin to getting a sharp photo of a sewing machine needle while the machine is running.

Photos like Riley's are interesting in that they really don't show how impossible the capture was. It looks like Riley's just a sweet, cooperative subject, beaming with youthful optimism and charm. Little would a viewer know that Riley was bent on NEVER smiling, never even looking at the camera and bolting away every time I raised the camera to my eye. Doing the impossible makes photography fun. Exhausting, but fun.

And, yes...there's even a black and white portrait. In your honor, Kevin!

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