Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Icon: Not Just Some Title I Made Up

As further proof of my alleged iconic status, I proffer the following. I know, I know. Generally, I'm not a big profferer, but in this case, I felt proffering was called for.

Below is the cover of a book.

Yes, it's a real book, not some Photoshop jobby. Here is the back of the book.

That's right! Mere years after I virtually begged Dave Barry to contribute a "blurb" to my book, "Twisted Billboards," I was able to return the favor to another aspiring writer. Here's a close-up.

I trust that my pithy endorsement of this book, as "Creator, President and CEO" of my profoundly neglected site, will cause this lively read to appear at the top of the Bestseller List within days. Actual results may, well, you know, vary.

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