Sunday, October 5, 2008

Let's Get Small

Ah, the memories. Anyone remember back in the day when Steve Martin's "Let's Get Small" album was the shizzle? Albums. Like CDs, but groovier.

Which is all kind of unrelated to this, other than that when you process certain images in a certain kinda way, things look small. These are samples from yesterday's trip to Primm.

Primm is a blast! It's in the middle of nowhere, kind of on the border between Nevada and California. Three casinos. Outlet stores. A roller coaster.

Trams run between the casinos. The above would be those. They just look cooler when they're...littler.


The Jen said...

Did you ride the Desperado?

Scott Roeben said...

Oh, hell to the no. I got sweaty palms just looking at the thing.