Saturday, October 18, 2008

Three Weird Things

Three weird things that happened this week.

First, I put out a fire in a neighbor's yard this week. I drove up, and a large bush was fully engulfed. The flames were licking at the leaves of a tree. I used a garden hose to douse the flames, and a fire truck showed up a few minutes later.

It's been said that some run away from danger, some run toward it. I, on the other hand, run toward something that's not particularly dangerous in an effort to have my neighbor's grateful wife make me some lumpia.

Second, we had a blackout at the office on Thursday. It really shone a light (so to speak) on how reliant we are on electricity and computers. Everyone was standing around going, "What do we do?" Every interaction, every piece of business, every step we take to keep the business going and the money flowing starts with our computers and e-mail. I think there was a time, during my lifetime, when we didn't have computers. At all. If the electricity went out in those days, people probably just kept working. Using paper and pen. And we all survived. Weird.

Weird thing number three. Yesterday, my girlfriend said these words, "I left a bug out for you. I fished it out of the cat's water dish. Because that appears to be normal in this house."

Not exactly alien abductions, but weird nonetheless.

Anything weird happen to you this week?

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