Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crr-r-azy Day

Started off the day with a baby photo shoot. It was a cheekfest, I'll say that!

Then I got to shoot a marching band, up close and musical. I probably sucked at it, though. I just kept wanting to get in close for portraits, but I'm not sure that's what the band folks (at Las Vegas Marching Arts) were looking for. Oh, well, you get what you pay for!

And, finally, I shot a performance of the Las Vegas Mass Choir. (Yes, their site defaults to "sound on." Oy.)

First, you know you're in for some gospel music when you see these lying around. Tissues...

And fans...

These folks are intense when it comes to gospel music. The roof was officially raised, that's for sure. I admire their passion and devotion. They love God a lot. In fact, one of the songs was, literally, named, "God, You Are My God." The song consisted of singing that phrase, over and over, a billion times. It didn't make it any less enjoyable.

He was one of my favorites. Not because of the singing, especially, but because that photo turned out so well. Oh, and he was a great singer, too.

Being at the church where this performance was held, I've never felt so white in all my life. And I feel pretty white most of the time.

In a black church, when you're speaking to the audience (or congregation), you always know where you stand. That's because it's a fully interactive experience. Everything a speaker says gets a loud, enthusiastic, vocal response. There is always a lot of praising going on, I can assure you of that. And glory. You can never get enough of glory if you ask me.

Tonight's show was special, not just because it marked the fifth anniversary of the Las Vegas Mass Choir, but also because of a special guest, Beverly Crawford, who is apparently a well-known gospel singer. Ms. Crawford is very talented. Like many gospel singers, she doesn't just sing with her voice, she sings with her whole body.

Some days are fuller than others. Today was a full day.


Jonderson said...

Oh yeah? Well today I did laundry. So there.

Jonderson said...

BTW, I have always wanted to shoot a cheekfest. Just not this kind.