Sunday, May 31, 2009


The wedding yesterday was a tattoofest! Jon asked about close-ups of the groom's hand tats, so here ya go.

I probably wouldn't have thought to take that shot, but my friends Chris and Misty seemed to like the dress-back shot at their wedding, so it's likely to be a staple of any future weddings I do. Even if there are none. Because life's too short to stress that much.


Chris Robinson said...

It's such an elegant shot thanks to the wedding dress. But there is an another side for me because I find the lower part of a woman's back to be very sexy. The spot where the waist meets the hips is so very feminine. It's where the girly curves meet. These days doctors can slap a set of nice boobs on anyone, but the curves of a woman's waist to hips is something only nature can do.

-K- said...

That tattooed hand and cuff is almost disturbing. And that fact that it says "HARD" pushes it over the top. Its a real keeper, almost worth the whole wedding experience - which I could never do.

Jonderson said...

HA!!! I knew you wouldn't let me down! Having a skull and crossbones on my own middle finger, I am always curious to see other peoples' hand tattoos.

Back shots are very much an "in" thing to do, particularly with elegant dresses. I think that Chris has hit the nail on the head as to why that is. (Sexy is far more than just boobs.)

I think that both of these shots (and the one with the groom's daughter as well) work so well in large part because of the conceptual incongruity between the tattooed hands and the formal gentleness of the embraces and attire.

I do have to admit that shots like this make doing weddings seem attractive. But I still think that I would never do one formally. However, I might be tempted to take the equipment along to weddings I get invited to, take shots like this, and then sell them to the couple later.