Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend!

I did spend some time thinking about freedom and veterans and those who have sacrificed for all of us.

And I also hung out a bit with kids who like to swim.

I kind of think that's what veterans and those who have sacrificed for all of us would like us to do on our Memorial Day weekend.

Oh, all right, here's a patriotic shot, just for good measure.

I know Memorial Day is a time to remember those who have died. But I want to thank some of the folks still with us for all they do. Thanks, Ben. (That's him, saluting.)

And thanks, Dad, for your 30 years of service in the Navy. Dad used to tell us harrowing stories about life on an aircraft carrier, including what would happen when those restraining cables snapped. And they do.

And thanks to everyone in Iraq and Afghanistan. And to everyone in uniform, all around the world.

And for those who aren't with us, thanks. You fight. For us. Whether we like the war or not. You serve because you're asked to serve. And we have what we have because of you. So, thank you.

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