Wednesday, May 6, 2009

SFX: Sound of Drooling

The San Gennaro Festival of Calories kicked off tonight here in Las Vegas! (Not it's actual name.) It's about as close as we get to culture (and we don't have a problem with that).

There was food galore, of course, and one of my favorite treats of all time, fried dough. SFX: Drooling. Again.

The high point of the evening was having an encounter with what appeared to be an actual Italian.

I was completely surprised when I got home and saw this photo. I remember this gentleman being entirely congenial, even playing his accordion for some photos. At no point did he seem to feel as though his beloved accordion was in danger. So, this was yet another happy accident I'm more than happy to take full credit for.

More. Dough. Please.

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