Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Calendar Girl

For you kids, "Calendar Girl" was a big hit for Neil Sedaka, a singer. In fact, the first concert I ever went to was a Neil Sedaka concert. Sigh. Yeah, this getting older thing sucks testes.

Anyway, our friend Jen is now, officially, a calendar girl! Usually, I would not risk life and limb by posting a photo of a woman in a provocative pose in my blog, but I post the following for two reasons: 1) it's Jen, and 2) I took the photo!

This is a calendar catering to the skeptic crowd, hence the plethora of iconic bad luck symbols. (The site that puts it together and offers it resides here.) I'm not exactly what being a skeptic entails, but I know it's much better than the alternatives.

Congratulations, Jen! You make exploitation look good! Hork.


The Jen said...

1. Aw, shucks.

2. I saw Sedaka in concert too.

3. Happy birthday!

Chris Robinson said...

Jen's a hottie, pass it on.