Friday, June 13, 2008

Douchey McDouchebag

Wow. The Marines recently handed down their firm but fair punishment of the "soldiers" who videotaped a guy throwing a puppy over a cliff, presumably to its death.

Here's what's up with the main jerkwad puppy killer, Lance Cpl. David Montari:

"Lance Cpl. David Motari, based in Hawaii with the 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, is being 'processed for separation' and received non-judicial punishment, officials said. The Marine Corps would not specify what that punishment was because of privacy regulations."

This is what the alleged marine said about the incident:

"I want to clear somethings up before tomarrow. This might be hard to believe but I am sorry about the dog. At the time I just really didn't care. When you are constantly under fire sometimes people develope a different sence of humor than what others are used to. That video was from over a year ago and i dont know who put it out there but it wasn't me. It has been a real hard day. I don't know how they got my information but someone got all my information and i had to disconnect my parents and my girlfriends phone. not to mention i had to redo my myspace because it got hacked. I just want this to end." And: "What, you expect me to carry a stray sick dog from patrol 10+ miles back to camp with me. Did you know that we're not supposed to have dogs? Did you know that there isn't medicine available for animals out there? So what the f-ck do you want me to do with it. It was going to die a slow and horrible death. Sorry you guys saw that, but it wasn't supposed to ever been shown. Usually what happens is we shoot them. I was being "creative" that day and decided to throw the dog instead. If i could take it back, I would. Either way, I did the dog a favor. Sorry if you can't understand that...Look, you guys didn't know that the dog was sick and starving by the road. I was helping it. That dog was going to die anyways."

So, here's my message to David Motari. [For my more delicate readers, mildly strong language ahead.]

You fricking a-hole puppy killer. You really just don't get it. You won't get it "tomarrow" or any day thereafter, either. You are a ruthless, heartless scumbag. If an animal truly was in a condition that couldn't be helped, and had to be put down, you cannot be so stupid as to think there's no difference between a clean, humane shot to the head and hurling an animal through the air to its (possible) death.

I honestly don't give a crap if you're claiming this was in some way battle fatigue-related. That is lamer than a serial killer saying they had to kill because God told him to. We're fighting a war to try and stamp out those who are brutal and violent and who don't place any value on life, even their own in many cases. You're being "separated" from the Marines? Your head should be separated from your body, you callous, clueless jackass. You're actually asking what the "f-uck" would we want you to do? We'd have liked you to die, jackass. That's what we'd have liked you to do.

At what point does anyone's "sence of humor" justify, even remotely, cruelty to a defenseless animal? Ever. "It has been a real hard day." Are you kidding me? Has anyone thrown you over a cliff today, you mouth-breathing, addle-brained human-shaped tumor?

Enjoy your slap on the wrist, Douchey McDouchebag. There are decent and compassionate people fighting and dying for our country just about every day in the military. You, on the other hand, are a disgrace to any uniform, even the McDonald's uniform you'll soon be wearing you steaming, fetid, illiterate, bile-breathed eater of mucus.


Chris Robinson said...

***Chris giving Scott a standing ovation***

Jonderson said...

I keep telling you that you ought to write more...well said.

In other news, we are apparently fighting the "war on terror" with soldiers who are only slightly above retarded.