Sunday, December 13, 2009

Facts about Visitors

I don't really track how many people visit anymore. I used to watch religiously, but I just can't muster the interest these days.

However, today, I came across a site that claims to say how many unique visitors a site gets. According to that site, gets 2,695 unique visitors per day.

Then they give some interesting stats about what those visitors equate to. I thought these were fun:

What does 2,695 unique visitors per day mean to you?

1. They can fit in 10,780 sq ft. room.
2. Their weight of feces is 6,738 pounds per day (2,398,550 pounds per year).
3. They are waiting in a long line. The line distance is 1.53 miles.
4. They need to drink 1,348 gallons per day.

How far the Interwebs has come when it can tell you how many pounds of feces your site visitors generate. Yay, Interwebs!

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-K- said...

Hey - what happened to Jon's blog? Looks like he pulled the plug on it.